terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2008

If Today...

If today I would be given the chance
To go back in our lives,
I would most certainly
Go back, to when you were four years old
To be able to sit you on my lap,
Sing you “blue eyes, the baby’s got blue eyes”,
Tickle you making you giggle silly,
Tell you foolish stories in bed
Till both of us would be out of breath laughing,
As if we were two happy kids of the same age,
And while grandma would pass through the corridor
Asking through our closed bedroom door “o que é que se passa aí?”
We would even giggle and laugh more, for no reason
No reason at all, other than, what we both, had well in common:
Unconditional love
It’s obvious I cannot go back to when you were four.
And neither of us can ever erase mistakes made,
But we are only human, and it’s normal to make mistakes.
What would not be normal, would be
Not to recognize them nor  make mends,
But that we’ve done, thanks to the love of God,
And so, we are finally smiling, at peace with, and still with:
Unconditional love
Learning through our mistakes
Gives us experience on how to deal with others
How to rearrange, or put in order our good or bad feelings
Make us learn that God is Love,
Therefore He wants us to love not hate.
Living and practicing all these facts of life
Make us become stronger, more secure
And certainly aware
Of what we’ve never lost, never harmed, never forgot,
And had always in common:
Unconditional love

(para a minha filha)

Março de 2004